Do you have Stockholm Syndrome?

Change of dates!

We have to announce, unfortunately, that we're moving Stockholm Syndrome to October 5th (Wednesday) evening. We admit it wasn't quite successful at this point, but after all, "failure is the mother of success" as they say!
We'll be relaunching the event soon with a new, better marketing campaign - to make you hate our city Stockholm so much you'll love it will all your heart. See you!
Registered teams will be contacted shortly for transfer/refund options.

October 5, 2022

Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm Sweden
2-4 people per team
159 kr per person incl. VAT (150kr excl. VAT)
Entry deadline Oct 3 11:59pm (UTC+2)

Registration to be reopened

The term Stockholm Syndrome originally came from the 1973 Norrmalmstorg robbery where robbers took hostages in a bank. The hostages were reported to have sympathetic feelings towards their captors. Stockholm Syndrome can thus be referred to any situation where people in a negative situation came to love that very situation.

Sweden might not be the best place to live (think shitty weather…), but do you hate Stockholm so much you actually love it?

Come as a team of 2-4 people and test your knowledge of Stockholm: how deep is your Stockholm Syndrome in you?



Organiser: Metrunner

Technical support: Norrsken Orienteering


In this race, each checkpoint gives you points. You can choose your route and checkpoint order freely. Answering a quiz question correctly gives you extra points.


LUMONITE Compass R headlamps 1200 lm for all members of the winning team (value €150 each).

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